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Isaac Costa letter to Karl Pearson, about race mixing in Jamaica with reference to mulatto "just under your nose" (10/3/1908)
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University College London, KP, 382

Isaac Costa letter to Karl Pearson, about race mixing in Jamaica with reference to mulatto &quote;just under your nose&quote; (10/3/1908)

[handwritten letter] Glasgow Adelphi P.O. Jamaica U.S.O. Oct. 3rd 1908. Dear Prof. Pearson, Yours of Sept 15th came yesterday, and as I had a couple of hours' freedom, and one of the mares wanted exercise, you (last but not least) wanted an answer, I went on the off chance to hunt up the mother of the albinos. She was away, but I managed to collar the elder son. (Of this later) You asked several plain questions, categorically: (Inverted co[ ] - K.P.) 1) White + Negro gives definitely a blend, the mulatto. Is this absolutely correct? (I should say there was never any question of it, but this questioning has arisen lately on the part of the "theorists") K.P. To this question there is only [underscore]one[end underscore] answer; it gives a definite, well-recognised blend, and a blend which is easily seen and identified by any sensible man who has had any experience. You can infer, and state fully, that there is this definite blend. But the colour of the mulatto varies, and practically may be divided into two sections: - (a) The brown mulatto, with a colour of [underscore]light[end underscore] mahogany (b) The yellow mulatto, with the colour of a well-cleaned brown boot, which not been much worn. [end]

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