ID# 477:
"Notes on the history of the Eugenics Record Office"
Circa 1940
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American Philosophical Society, Dav, B:D27.,Notes on History

477. Eugenics Record Office Notes on sequence of (A) Managing authority, (B) Direction of scientific and administrative work, and (C) Source of support, budgets, and costs of Eugenics Record Office, from its establishment October 1, 1910, by Mrs. E. H. Harriman at Cold Spring Harbor, to December 31, 1939 (date closed) - 29 years, 3 months. (A) Managing Authority 1. Independent research, administrative and budgetary unit. Established and supported by Mrs. E. H. Harriman ... October 1, 1910 - December 31, 1917 2. Part of Carnegie Institution of Washington... January 1, 1918 to date (Dec. 31, 1939) (a) Administrative unit ...January 1, 1918 - December 31, 1920 (b) Combined coordinately with Station for Experimental Evolution to constitute the Department of Genetics January 1, 1921 - December 31, 1934 (c) Fused with Station for Experimental Evolution to constitute the Department of Genetics, which is made a part of the Division of Animal Biology ... January 1, 1935 to date (Dec. 31, 1939) 1. Name changed to Genetics Record Office July 1, 1939 2. Closed ... December 31, 1939
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