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"The science of eugenics and sex-life, love, marriage, maternity: the regeneration of the human race," by W.J. Hadden, C.H. Robinson, and M.R. Melendy
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&quote;The science of eugenics and sex-life, love, marriage, maternity: the regeneration of the human race,&quote; by W.J. Hadden, C.H. Robinson, and M.R. Melendy

x The Science of Eugenics if childlike innocence could last for life, and as if knowledge were a crime. So grave are the errors of ignorance in the married relation that to encourage or even to allow young people to marry without receiving instruction, is foolish and to offer no advice or warning is criminal. How are young folks to know if they are not taught in their childhood? We prepare our children for trades and professions by special training. Why, then, should we neglect to give them competent knowledge of their genetic nature, which has such a lasting influence on their physical, mental and moral natures? Home Versus Street Education To leave them to learn from the "voice of nature" belongs to the ignorant past; and since we cannot keep them from knowing, there is left us no choice in the matter. We are to decide whether the child shall receive right and pure instruction from parents and teachers, or learn through impure instruction from chance associates. The sacredness of the body should be taught early, and as soon as the child begins to ask questions in regard to the origin of life that parent or teacher should answer them truthfully. Surround the subject with purity of thought, expressed in words of simplicity, and the effect on the child will be a natural acceptance of such knowledge instead of a morbid curiosity. Physiology and Medicine Also Needed In addition to reliable sex knowledge and the ability to pass on that knowledge to the growing child the parent should also know something about the human body, should understand the functions of the various organs, should have some general information as to the diseases - their treatment and avoidance. In acquiring such information it must be remembered that the normal condition of man or woman is one of health. But perfect health can be maintained only with the knowledge of what must be done to avoid illness and what action must be taken when it occurs. Such general knowledge of elementary physiology, of nursing and of medical treatment is especially needed by the young mother or father to whose loving care is entrusted the growth and development of a new born child. Purpose of Book The dissemination of such knowledge both of sex and of personal hygiene and health, is the purpose of this volume.

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