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"The science of eugenics and sex-life, love, marriage, maternity: the regeneration of the human race," by W.J. Hadden, C.H. Robinson, and M.R. Melendy
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Cold Spring Harbor, Micklos, The Science of Eugenics,pg 4

&quote;The science of eugenics and sex-life, love, marriage, maternity: the regeneration of the human race,&quote; by W.J. Hadden, C.H. Robinson, and M.R. Melendy

4 The Science of Eugenics Selection is the separation of those organisms which are to survive from those which are to perish. But before there can be any selection the fittest must already be in existence. This can not be said at the present stage of our social condition. Selection does nothing but assure the preponderance to the fittest. This should be understood of natural selection. But our present term "selection" is limited to sex. By sexual selection, which is the eugenic proposition, is meant the combination of those beautiful things especially attractive to the opposite sex, which tend to become perpetuated or enhanced, thereby producing an uplift, a mental or moral raising up or upheaval. Upon this proposition there are no dissenting voices. The beautiful and good, the pleasant and moral do not exist in the degenerate, wherefore, by cultivating them, or enforcing them these things will be perpetuated and degeneracy eliminated. The question between two young people now is not, "Let us marry," but, "Have we the right to get married?" If two people are already married, they ask themselves "What sort of children shall we have?" It is as clear as day that the majority of people who marry do not know each other except slightly, and know nothing about their parents or grand parents, indeed, they never consider them at all. The new science says: "Know yourselves and your family conditions." There come in traits and tendencies that descend from the grand parents, or skip a generation and appear later on. One is heredity, the other atavism. A man and wife with jet black hair have children with jet black hair also, but, astonishing to relate, one of the grand children has brilliant red hair. A case for suspicion,

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