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"The science of eugenics and sex-life, love, marriage, maternity: the regeneration of the human race," by W.J. Hadden, C.H. Robinson, and M.R. Melendy
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Cold Spring Harbor, Micklos, The Science of Eugenics,pg 3

&quote;The science of eugenics and sex-life, love, marriage, maternity: the regeneration of the human race,&quote; by W.J. Hadden, C.H. Robinson, and M.R. Melendy

The Science of Eugenics 3 There are three modes of viewing the science of eugenics as to practical results, either of which will result in benefit, and one or the other of which must be adopted before there can be any improvement along human lines. Elimination The first mode, that of "Elimination," is a violent method, adaptable only to social conditions where the law of necessity prevails. Sparta practiced elimination by putting to death the incompetent, the imperfect, the cripple, the weak, and all who could not by any possibility be of service or benefit to the state. The worthless or injurious had to be got rid of, cast out, expelled, or ejected from society. The only remnant of forcible elimination in these modern times is the rope or the electric chair for murderers. In new communities without the regulatory force and influence of fixed laws, lesser crimes or acts called for the death penalty, as witness the work of "vigilance committees" in the mining regions, and lynching for rape and other racial crimes in various localities. The latter is still in vogue in some communities. Segregation The second mode, that of "Segregation," is more common than any other. Criminals of every kind are segregated when put in prison where they can not practice their vices to the detriment of the public. It is advised in the case of the feeble minded and insane. So long as the feeble minded person is left at large, he will find another feeble minded person who will live with him and have children by him. As well control the mating of rabbits or mice by legislation. The only way is to segregate them. The same mode would apply to the admixture of the different races. The third mode, that of "Selection," seems to be the only feasible method of improvement. But this idea of selection is very much misunderstood. Generally, selection

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